Favourite Traders

Traders that you have marked can be found in this section. Examine their profiles and the conditions under which they operate in order to make a final decision and select one or several Traders to start cooperation.

Artem CP-21043897
704.4% per year
EliteShin JP-21044133
470.6% per year
395.3% per 6 month
Tower88 IJ-23331865
378.2% per 6 month
partisan UB-20995351
367.6% per year
Essence AJ-21044035
355.1% per year
CapturetheLAG JQ-21044071
312.9% per year
FlowerMan NQ-20649423
293.4% per all time
WWF CW-21933759
231.6% per year
Inef ZW-23805705
215.2% per quarter
AndreyPROFFET EH-16754061
222.9% per year
Barber TC-20649399
181.7% per all time
xeon ZR-20914787
159.2% per year
coffee VF-16983107
145.2% per year
FXTRobomen BX-17538905
141.2% per all time
Jcsfxma BEU-11519829
130.8% per all time
Gregory PI-20914793
128.6% per year
ANTITrade NS-20649413
165.3% per month
Armenchik PQ-20649397
117.1% per all time
magicforex REU-21939095
114.1% per year
Mavaal REU-23997719
170.2% per month
miia18 00-20179321
107.9% per all time
Klag YQ-21683417
107.8% per year
GoAndWin AK-21044237
106.8% per year
Nick_Gr AF-10231231
104.7% per all time
JayS ZY-21019953
104.4% per all time
BackToBusiness BE-16986243
103.3% per all time
Zanagoth HU-16352655
102.5% per all time
corsair HD-21823383
101.1% per year
Jap MST-15453993
99.7% per all time
FoxInvestCapital SC-22486799
95.4% per year
RAZAN KW2-23332979
93.3% per 6 month
JOSTrade PH-19754847
89.7% per all time
Capone VX-20649409
85.6% per year
VLADOS777 YF-23019021
84.6% per month
ColumbiaTrader PH-18253147
83.2% per all time
Nadin CI-23337863
80.5% per 6 month
TheRainmaker UY-15117291
77.3% per all time
LikePoint SQ-16453649
73.4% per all time
guz1969 KZ-22746585
70.0% per 6 month
Senior BEU-19083545
69.0% per all time
Serj GG-23331915
68.9% per 6 month
AndreyAlexovich CI-23407983
63.3% per 6 month
DragonStar AQ-21044211
74.6% per quarter
Newton PJ-16982447
121.4% per quarter
fybdf CI-22271201
59.2% per 6 month
astronaut II-21392927
58.1% per year
ChempLiga KM-18402189
74.3% per 6 month
Kirito OD-18236001
55.8% per quarter
Q-Profit SH-20825351
55.4% per year
MaestroS GL-23201785
84.0% per quarter
Prosperity KI-23640845
51.2% per 6 month
HoangDuyAnh HCM-16430131
54.5% per year
explosive NHT-9034847
72.8% per 14 days
FXRM22 WQ-23364693
47.7% per 6 month
Lanister OA-23195847
45.0% per 6 month
Vajol OD-19974089