8 noiembrie 2017
  • 23:09

    Major US stock indices ended the session in positive territory

    Major US stock indexes finished trading above zero, but growth was limited by doubts about the decision of the Republican tax plan and controversial corporate reporting.

    Edition of Washington Post, citing its sources reported that the leader of the Republican Party in the Senate considering delay possible entry into force in the US corporate tax rate reduction for one year. Recall, on Thursday posted a Republican tax reform plan, the key point of which is to reduce the tax rate on corporate profits to 20% from the current 35%. The S & P rose by about 21% since the election of Donald Trump's president in November last year, in part on the background of his promise to cut taxes for businesses.

    Among the corporate nature of the message it is worth noting the disappointing quarterly results Snap (SNAP): Following the results of the third quarter, the company reported a loss of $ 12:14 per share (the average forecast of analysts anticipated - $ 12:15) on revenue of $ 207.9 million (analysts' forecasts $ 236.71 million.). as well as the rate of DAU (daily Active users) at the level of 178 million. (the average forecast of 183 million). SNAP shares have fallen by 22% in response to the quarterly report, but did rebound after the release of a report that Chinese technological giant Tencent (TCEHY) bought a 12% stake in the company. Total trading shares on the SNAP fell to 15: 54%.

    Component DOW index completed trades mixed (plus 13, minus 17). leader of growth were the shares of Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK, + 1.74%). Outsider were shares of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM, -1.28%).

    Most sectors of the S & P Index recorded an increase. Most consumer goods sector grew (+ 0.6%). It showed the greatest decrease in raw materials sector (-0.4%).

    At the close:

    DJIA + 0.03% 23,554.48 +6.06

    Nasdaq -0.27% 6,767.78 -18.65

    S & P -0.02% 2,590.58 -0.55

  • 22:02

    New Zealand: RBNZ Interest Rate Decision, 1.75% (forecast 1.75%)

  • 21:59

    DJIA +0.01% 23,558.53 +1.30 Nasdaq +0.30% 6,787.80 +20.01 S&P +0.13% 2,593.92 +3.28

  • 19:00

    European stocks closed: FTSE 100 +16.61 7529.72 +0.22% DAX +3.15 13382.42 +0.02% CAC 40 -9.21 5471.43 -0.17%

  • 17:32

    U.S. commercial crude oil inventories increased by 2.2 million barrels from the previous week

    U.S. commercial crude oil inventories (excluding those in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve) increased by 2.2 million barrels from the previous week. At 457.1 million barrels, U.S. crude oil inventories are in the upper half of the average range for this time of year.

    Total motor gasoline inventories decreased 3.3 million barrels last week, and are in the lower half of the average range. Finished gasoline inventories increased, but blending components inventories decreased last week.

    Distillate fuel inventories decreased by 3.4 million barrels last week and are in the lower half of the average range for this time of year. Propane/propylene inventories decreased by 1.1 million barrels last week, and are in the lower half of the average range. Total commercial petroleum inventories decreased by 9.1 million barrels last week.

  • 17:30

    U.S.: Crude Oil Inventories, November 2.237 (forecast -2.876)

  • 16:48

    GBP/USD 1H Time Frame Chart

    As we can see on 1h time frame chart, it is possible to see a chart pattern "Double Top" which the neckline has already been broken.

    Therefore, it might be possible to see a depreciation of the British pound agaisnt the U.S dollar to values close to 1.305

  • 16:33

    U.S. Stocks open: Dow -0.06%, Nasdaq +0.02%, S&P -0.10%

  • 16:27

    Before the bell: S&P futures -0.06%, NASDAQ futures +0.02%

    U.S. stock-index futures were flat on Wednesday as earnings season winds down and investors closely watch Republican efforts to pass the tax bill.

    Global Stocks:

    Nikkei 22,913.82 -23.78 -0.10%

    Hang Seng 28,907.60 -86.74 -0.30%

    Shanghai 3,414.91 +1.33 +0.04%

    S&P/ASX 6,016.27 +1.92 +0.03%

    FTSE 7,516.25 +3.14 +0.04%

    CAC 5,470.35 -10.29 -0.19%

    DAX 13,387.62 +8.35 +0.06%

    Crude $57.03 (-0.30%)

    Gold $1,281.90 (+0.48%)

  • 15:54

    Wall Street. Stocks before the bell

    (company / ticker / price / change ($/%) / volume)

    Amazon.com Inc., NASDAQ





    Apple Inc.





    AT&T Inc





    Barrick Gold Corporation, NYSE





    Boeing Co





    Chevron Corp





    Cisco Systems Inc





    Citigroup Inc., NYSE





    Exxon Mobil Corp





    Facebook, Inc.





    FedEx Corporation, NYSE





    Ford Motor Co.





    Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., NYSE





    General Electric Co





    General Motors Company, NYSE





    Goldman Sachs





    Home Depot Inc





    Intel Corp





    International Business Machines Co...





    JPMorgan Chase and Co





    Microsoft Corp





    Starbucks Corporation, NASDAQ





    Tesla Motors, Inc., NASDAQ





    The Coca-Cola Co





    Travelers Companies Inc





    Twitter, Inc., NYSE





    Verizon Communications Inc





    Wal-Mart Stores Inc





    Walt Disney Co





    Yandex N.V., NASDAQ





  • 15:50

    Forex option contracts rolling off today at 14.00 GMT:

    EURUSD: 1.1545-60 (EUR 1.33bln) 1.1600 (980m) 1.1640 (845m) 1.1700 (505 m)

    USDJPY: 112.25-30 (USD 1.68bln) 113.50 (695m) 113.70-75 (1.05bln) 113.95-114.00(980m) 114.50 (1.34bln) 114.75 (605m) 115.00 (600m)

    GBPUSD: 1.3050-55 (GBP 545m) 1.3090 (500m) 1.3248 (320m)

    AUDUSD: 0.7640-50 (AUD 520m) 0.7675-80(460m) 0.7750-55 (340m) 0.7800-05(365m)

    NZD/USD: 0.6920-25 (NZD 645m), 0.6950 (655m)

    AUDNZD: 1.1200 (AUD 1.58bln)

  • 15:48

    Romania's government starts meeting to approve fiscal overhaul, with changes to income and social security taxation from 2018

  • 15:47

    Canadian housing starts rose more than expected in October

    The trend in housing starts was 216,770 units in October 2017, compared to 215,153 units in September 2017, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). This trend measure is a six-month moving average of the monthly seasonally adjusted annual rates (SAAR) of housing starts.

    "The trend in housing starts essentially held steady in October following a decrease in September," said Bob Dugan, CMHC's chief economist. "Nevertheless, new home construction remains very strong in 2017, as the seasonally adjusted number of starts has been above 200,000 units in nine of ten months so far this year."

  • 15:30

    Canada: Building Permits (MoM) , September 3.8% (forecast -0.2%)

  • 15:16

    Canada: Housing Starts, October 222.8 (forecast 210.0)

  • 13:40

    German foreign ministry says we are of the view that North Korean government would do well to accept U.S. offer of talks and stop missile tests

  • 13:32

    GBP/JPY 4H time frame chart

    GBP/JPY on 4 hours time frame chart we can see that the price is in a critical zone.

    The price at moment is close to a support line that might be relevent as soon as it is broken.

    Besides the support level, we also have the possibilit to confirm a chart pattern (Head and Shoulders) which it reinforces the idea of a possible bearish movement against yen.

  • 13:22

    Market interest rates suggest ECB should significantly tighten monetary policy to adapt it to economic developments - German Govt. economic advisers

  • 12:54

    German economy to grow by 2.0 pct in 2017 (previous forecast +1.4 pct) - economic advisers

    • To grow by 2.2 pct in 2018 (previous forecast +1.6 pct)

    • Call for one-off extension of brexit negotiating timeframe to avoid worst case scenario of hard exit

    • German economy is gradually heading toward a boom phase

  • 12:52

    ECB should quickly reduce its asset purchases and end the programme earlier - German Govt. economic advisers

  • 12:20

    Russian PM Medvedev says Russia considers reducing tax burden on russian energy joint ventures with foreign firms - RIA

  • 11:50

    Bank of England's regional agents report: survey of investment intentions pointed to continued modest growth in spending over the coming year

    • Expectations about UK's future trading relationships were dragging on spending by companies

    • Recruitment difficulties had intensified and were above normal in a range of activities

    • Employment intentions pointed to modest growth in staffing over the next six months

  • 11:43

    Forex option contracts rolling off today at 14.00 GMT:

    EUR/USD: 1.1545-55(1.1 b), 1.1600(911 m), 1.1640(753 m), 1.1700(503 m).

    USD/JPY: 112.25-30(988 m), 113.50(691 m), 113.72-75(1.05 b),113.95-114.00(980 m), Y114.50(1.34 b), 114.75(605 m), 115.00(598 m).

    GBP/USD: 1.3050-55(542 m), 1.3090(497 m), 1.3248(319 m).

    AUD/USD: 0.7640-50(517 m), 0.7675-80(457 m), 0.7750-55(336 m),0.7800-05(365 m).

    NZD/USD: 0.6920-25(642 m), 0.6950(652 m).

  • 11:11

    Major European stock exchanges trading in positive territory: FTSE 7529.34 +16.23 + 0.22%, DAX 13401.15 +21.88 + 0.16%, CAC 5488.84 +8.20 + 0.15%

  • 10:22

    Beijing - U.S. Commerce secretary Ross: deals being signed today between U.S., China companies worth about $9 bln in total

  • 09:45

    France: Trade Balance, bln, September -4.7 (forecast -4.8)

  • 09:37

    Options levels on wednesday, November 8, 2017


    Resistance levels (open interest**, contracts)

    $1.1710 (3801)

    $1.1662 (958)

    $1.1635 (758)

    Price at time of writing this review: $1.1599

    Support levels (open interest**, contracts):

    $1.1552 (5757)

    $1.1529 (8287)

    $1.1500 (6035)


    - Overall open interest on the CALL options and PUT options with the expiration date December, 8 is 150553 contracts (according to data from November, 7) with the maximum number of contracts with strike price $1,1600 (8287);


    Resistance levels (open interest**, contracts)

    $1.3271 (1890)

    $1.3235 (634)

    $1.3204 (1281)

    Price at time of writing this review: $1.3155

    Support levels (open interest**, contracts):

    $1.3108 (1115)

    $1.3060 (1306)

    $1.3030 (2506)


    - Overall open interest on the CALL options with the expiration date December, 8 is 39262 contracts, with the maximum number of contracts with strike price $1,3200 (3183);

    - Overall open interest on the PUT options with the expiration date December, 8 is 38105 contracts, with the maximum number of contracts with strike price $1,3000 (4620);

    - The ratio of PUT/CALL was 0.97 versus 0.98 from the previous trading day according to data from November, 7

    * - The Chicago Mercantile Exchange bulletin (CME) is used for the calculation.

    ** - Open interest takes into account the total number of option contracts that are open at the moment.

  • 09:33

    10-year U.S. treasury yield at 2.310 percent vs U.S. close of 2.307 percent on tuesday

  • 09:33

    Trump to ask China to abide by U.N. resolutions and stop financial links with North Korea

    • To decide on whether to declare North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism at end of Asia trip

    • Believes any talks with North Korea would require reducing threats, ending provocations and movement toward denuclearization

  • 09:30

    Chinese trade balance surplus rose less than expected in October

    China's exports grew at a slower-than-expected pace in October, while imports surged on domestic demand, official data cited by rttnews.

    In dollar terms, exports climbed 6.9 percent year-over-year in October, data from the General Administration of Customs revealed.

    Shipments were forecast to climb 7.1 percent after rising 8.1 percent in September.

    Meanwhile, imports surged 17.2 percent in October from a year ago, faster than the expected growth of 17.0 percent.

    Consequently, the trade surplus totaled $38.2 billion in October versus the expected level of $39.1 billion. At the same time, the trade surplus with the U.S. decreased to $26.6 billion.

  • 09:24

    Eurostoxx 50 futures down 0.1 pct, DAX futures down 0.2 pct, CAC 40 futures up 0.1 pct, FTSE futures down 0.1 pct, IBEX futures down 0.2 pct

  • 09:21

    Trump believes no deal can be achieved on N.Korea without denuclearisation - senior White House official

  • 08:35

    Global Stocks

    After a strong start to the week, global stock markets were broadly lower in Asia on Wednesday, though Hong Kong equities outperformed as strong gains in one of the city's biggest share listings this year drove buying interest. Solid buying pushed several stock indexes, including those in Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, to multiyear highs on Tuesday, but that was followed by a muted performance overnight on Wall Street.

    Dow industrials eked out a small gain on Tuesday to end in record territory, but the broader market was weighed down by a selloff in financials, consumer discretionary and small-cap stocks amid concerns over the timing and ultimate shape of tax legislation working its way through Congress.

  • 07:31

    Japan: Coincident Index, September 115.8 (forecast 115.9)

  • 07:00

    Japan: Leading Economic Index , September 106.6 (forecast 106.7)

  • 05:48

    China: Trade Balance, bln, October 38.2 (forecast 39.50)

  • 01:27

    Commodities. Daily history for Nov 07’2017:

    (raw materials / closing price /% change)

    Oil 56.94 -0.71%

    Gold 1,275.70 -0.46%

  • 01:26

    Stocks. Daily history for Nov 07’2017:

    (index / closing price / change items /% change)

    Nikkei +389.25 22937.60 +1.73%

    TOPIX +20.63 1813.29 +1.15%

    Hang Seng +397.54 28994.34 +1.39%

    CSI 300 +33.36 4054.25 +0.83%

    Euro Stoxx 50 -23.59 3658.77 -0.64%

    FTSE 100 -49.17 7513.11 -0.65%

    DAX -89.52 13379.27 -0.66%

    CAC 40 -26.61 5480.64 -0.48%

    DJIA +8.81 23557.23 +0.04%

    S&P 500 -0.49 2590.64 -0.02%

    NASDAQ -18.65 6767.78 -0.27%

    S&P/TSX +39.58 16131.79 +0.25%

  • 01:25

    Currencies. Daily history for Nov 07’2017:

    (pare/closed(GMT +3)/change, %)

    EUR/USD $1,1585 -0,20%

    GBP/USD $1,3163 -0,04%

    USD/CHF Chf0,9994 +0,21%

    USD/JPY Y113,99 +0,27%

    EUR/JPY Y132,06 +0,05%

    GBP/JPY Y150,05 +0,23%

    AUD/USD $0,7643 -0,61%

    NZD/USD $0,6891 -0,76%

    USD/CAD C$1,27751 +0,57%

  • 00:54

    Schedule for today, Wednesday, Nov 08’2017 (GMT0)

    06:00 China Trade Balance, bln October 28.61 39.50

    08:00 Japan Leading Economic Index (Preliminary) September 107.2 106.7

    08:00 Japan Coincident Index (Preliminary) September 117.7

    10:45 France Trade Balance, bln September -4.5 -4.8

    16:15 Canada Housing Starts October 217.1 210.0

    16:30 Canada Building Permits (MoM) September -5.5% -0.2%

    18:30 U.S. Crude Oil Inventories November -2.435 -2.800

    23:00 New Zealand RBNZ Interest Rate Decision 1.75% 1.75%

    23:00 New Zealand RBNZ Rate Statement

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