Market Overview

30 martie 2021 14:01

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is being appetite for risk. Europe is rising on Tuesday as investors appear to have ignored fears about the Archegos hedge fund and despite rising bond yields. The dollar continued under strong demand in Asia, driven by rising bond yields and expectations that the US economic recovery may lead the Federal Reserve to restrict monetary policy earlier than anticipated. Treasury yields added to Monday's gains in the Asian session, with investors focused on the end-of-week employment report, which may underscore the robustness of the US economy as vaccination accelerates.
23 martie 2021 17:43

Frederico Aragao Morais

The large increase in fiscal and monetary stimulus that has been observed in this crisis has raised concerns about the risk of inflation. In essence, the argument focuses on the fact that if the money supply increases faster than its actual production then (ceteris paribus), inflation will occur. That is, if a central bank prints currency, at the outset households will also have more money available, which will perhaps make them spend more on consumption. Despite an increase in the money in circulation - the amount of goods does not change - therefore leading to an increase in prices.
23 martie 2021 17:40

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is aversion to risk. News that Germany has extended containment measures for another month is hurting Europe on Tuesday. The dollar remained stable in Asia after increased risk-taking prompted a fall in Treasury yields, countering fears about the rise in Covid-19 cases and new lockdowns in Europe. Yields on the higher-maturity Treasurys continued to fall in Asia after recording the biggest decline in weeks on Monday. However, many investors predict that bond yields will continue to rise as the U.S. economy recovers.
7 ianuarie 2021 14:35

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is being appetite for risk. Congress reconvened to complete the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden's electoral college victory, with congressmen returning to the House of Representatives and Senate hours after they left due to a protest by pro-Trump protesters on Capitol Hill.  A new record for the Dow due to expectations of more stimulus for the U.S. economy is helping to boost European stocks this Thursday. The dollar recovers against most G10 currencies after U.S.
6 ianuarie 2021 13:57

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is appetite for risk. Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock defeated Republican candidate Kelly Loeffler in the Georgia Senate race, becoming the first African-American to represent the state in the Senate and the first Democrat in 2005. The dollar continues to fall against most major rivals as the results of the U.S. Senate elections in Georgia are known. The Treasurys' yields for 10 years reached the 1% threshold for the first time since March, after Georgia's election results boosted expectations that Democrats could gain control of the Senate.
5 ianuarie 2021 14:25

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is aversion to risk. A new national lockdown in the UK to contain coronavirus infection rates, along with uncertainty regarding votes for the Georgia Senate, are motivating current sentiment. European stocks are opening lower on Tuesday after US indexes fell sharply. The dollar came under pressure again during the Asian session, following the resurgence of Covid-19 cases around the world and before the second round of Georgia's Senate elections.
4 ianuarie 2021 14:24

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is being of appetite for risk. The distribution of vaccines for covid-19, as well as the stimulus that have been launched, support positive sentiment. Unprecedented measures taken by governments and central banks to support economies have encouraged investors to focus on the outlook for the next year, even if restrictions are likely to be increased because of the virus. The dollar continues to fall against most rivals on Monday due to strengthened optimism in the global economic recovery this year.
27 noiembrie 2020 18:17

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is being of appetite for risk. Stocks stabilize as investors consider positive factors such as the vaccine, the open path for Joe Biden in the White House and also Janet Yellen's nomination to the U.S. treasury. The yen accelerates on the Asian journey, spurred by the flight from risk related to fears about the effectiveness of covid-19 candidate vaccines. Treasury yields fell yesterday due to risk aversion, which led to bond rises. Oil prices follow mixed ahead of the OPEC+ meeting next week.
18 septembrie 2020 14:27

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is one of an appetite for risk. While the U.S. Federal Reserve continues to stir markets and uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic, it is now possible to observe a positive correction that contrasts with the reality of the past two days. The Dollar fell against the Yen and dropped slightly against the Euro on Friday, with many short positions closing after the U.S. Federal Reserve's midweek decision.
17 septembrie 2020 14:26

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today’s market sentiment is of an appetite for risk. Investors are looking with optimism at the outcome of the US Federal Reserve meeting. The dollar falls against major currencies on Wednesday, with investors waiting for the Fed's monetary policy decision. Yields of the Treasurys have risen in line with the positive tone of the risk asset markets, after a series of economic data showed that the recovery of the two largest economies in the world continues.
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