Market Overview

21 aprilie 2021 17:30

Lysakov Sergey

Asian markets' decline was followed by both the U.S. and European major indexes on Tuesday. Technically, a downward correction at some point seemed to become a reasonable consequence after the continuous updating of new records on Wall Street. Especially since the initial targets of the recent upward movement near the 4150-4200 range for the U.S. S&P500 broad market index were called by many experts as the nearest possible reference area where the market could take a breath.
15 aprilie 2021 15:46

Mark Goichmann

Markets may have gotten used to Bitcoin, the first digital currency, reaching new highs over recent months. So,  the fact that Bitcoin reached a new fresh record at $64,374 on April 14 may not seem so sensational any more, even with a heartbreaking upside movement by 5.5% in a single day on April 13. This may be another reason  why the perception around digital currencies seems to be changing.
14 aprilie 2021 16:16

Lysakov Sergey

The U.S. Dollar index (DXY) June futures slid under the lowest levels since March 18, reaching as deep as 91.65 points mark today. The soft landing of the Greenback continues step by step almost every day during the last two weeks. That intermediary result is in no way, of course, summarizing a long discussion on the ability of higher Treasury's yields to make the Dollar more attractive in principle. But it may leave the whole conception in serious doubt, at least.
9 aprilie 2021 09:41

Mark Goichmann

The Treasury Secretary of the United States Janet Yellen called governments around the world to set up a minimum corporate tax rate at 21%. The idea was swiftly supported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The U.S. believes that this unified tax rate will act as a general wheel for the global economy. So, according to Yellen this minimum tax rate should prevent cross-border capital flight, domiciliation by corporates to low-tax jurisdictions.
7 aprilie 2021 16:42

Lysakov Sergey

A California-based trending producer of electric vehicles, Tesla officially reported its record 2021 first quarter deliveries at the very end of last week. Despite the ongoing worldwide shortage of semiconductor components, which was recently seen to be one of the reasons for the correction of Tesla shares down to $597.95 per share, demand for the advanced Model Y of the automaker has remained high since mid-January, especially from China and other Asian countries.
31 martie 2021 12:02

Lysakov Sergey

"Buying any dips" general strategy still seems to pay its way. It works very well on both American and European stocks except, maybe, for some of the long-suffering big techs. The U.S. S&P500 broad market index is testing highs above 3950 again, while the Euro Stoxx 50 and the German Xetra Dax30 composite already succeeded in hitting their all-time records this week. It looks like almost every bit of the market is ready for an upbeat rally extension at least for the first half of April.
31 martie 2021 10:38

Mark Goichmann

The U.S. Dollar index (DXY) gained another high at 93.2 points, a maximum not seen since November 2020. The rally of the Greenback may have several reasons to continue, but it may be suspended after the release of the NonFarm Payrolls report this Friday. Firstly, accelerating vaccination in the United States and expectations about a new $3 trillion stimulus bill promised by Joe Biden may support the optimism over rising business activity in the country, as well as inflation expectations, which may push up Treasuries yields. The 10-year Treasuries yield jumped to 14-month highs at 1.
30 martie 2021 14:01

Frederico Aragao Morais

Today's market sentiment is being appetite for risk. Europe is rising on Tuesday as investors appear to have ignored fears about the Archegos hedge fund and despite rising bond yields. The dollar continued under strong demand in Asia, driven by rising bond yields and expectations that the US economic recovery may lead the Federal Reserve to restrict monetary policy earlier than anticipated. Treasury yields added to Monday's gains in the Asian session, with investors focused on the end-of-week employment report, which may underscore the robustness of the US economy as vaccination accelerates.
24 martie 2021 16:02

Lysakov Sergey

The U.S. Dollar is unlikely to have a big cause for a noticeable strengthening across the whole of the spectrum of the world's major currencies, since unordinary spikes in 10-year Treasury bond yields up to the annual level of 1.75% have calmed down for a while to reach 1.6% during the Asian trading hours today. This happened despite the Federal Reserve's inaction and against growing inflation expectations. Nevertheless, some of the Greenback's competing currencies have found their own reasons to decline.
24 martie 2021 08:59

Mark Goichmann

The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) has jumped into the digital currencies race to create its own CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). “We have an obligation to be on the cutting edge of understanding the technological challenges, as well as the potential costs and benefits, of issuing a [central bank digital currency]," Fed Chair Jerome Powell said. However, Mr. Powell said that there is no need to rush with the launch of a new currency: “we’re the world’s principal reserve currency, we don't need to rush this project, and we don't need to be first to market.

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