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27 janeiro 2020
  • 10:00

    FOMC: All eyes on Chair Powell’s press conference – Deutsche Bank

    FXStreet reports that the Macro Strategists at Deutsche Bank offer a brief preview of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) monetary policy decision due to be announced on Wednesday.

    "As for the FOMC on Wednesday, our US economists write in their preview that the FOMC should hold rates steady, and that "the current stance is likely to be unchanged barring a "material reassessment to the outlook."

    However, they do foresee a 5bp upward technical adjustment to the interest rate on excess reserves (IOER), though they write that "it is a close call given the communication challenges of such a move."

    All eyes will be on Chair Powell's press conference following the meeting for any new information. The full-day by day week ahead is at the end."

  • 09:46

    UK mortgage approvals rose in December - UK Finance

    According to the report from UK Finance, gross mortgage lending across the residential market in December 2019 was £22.2 billion, bringing the annual total for 2019 to £265.8 billion. Although annually 1.1 per cent lower than in 2018, the last two years have broadly reflected the continuation of a stronger long term lending trend over recent years.

    An annual total of 982,286 mortgages were approved by the main high street banks during 2019, 7.4 per cent more than in 2018. The full year number of mortgages approved for home purchases were 8.0 per cent higher, remortgage approvals were 7.9 per cent higher and approvals for other secured borrowing were 3.0 per cent higher than in 2018.

    Credit card spending of £11.8 billion in December 2019 was 7.3 per cent higher than in December 2018. Repayments continue to offset spending, so that the level of borrowing on cards is currently growing at only 2.4 per cent annually, continuing the general slowdown from the recent high of 6.6 per cent in October 2016.

    Personal borrowing through loans in December 2019 was 14.0 per cent higher than in December 2018, reflecting the exceptionally weak demand a year earlier. Overdraft borrowing has been declining over recent years, such that December's level was 0.8 per cent lower than at the same time a year earlier.

    Personal deposits grew by 2.5 per cent in the year to December 2019. Three-quarters of deposits were held in immediate access accounts in December 2019, in line with the same period last year.

  • 09:32

    United Kingdom: Mortgage Approvals, December 46.815

  • 09:22

    German IFO business climate index unexpectedly declined in January

    Ifo Institute for Economic Research said that German business morale deteriorated unexpectedly in January as the outlook darkened.

    Business climate index fell to 95.9 after 96.3 in December. Economists had expected an increase to 97.0. This monthly indicator published by the IFO economic institute based in Frankfurt defines - via a survey of 7,000 entrepreneurs - the level of confidence in the German economy. This index has a great influence on the Euro currency because it highlights the German economic dynamism and investment levels for the next 6 months.

    IFO also said that current economic assessment fell to 99.7 points compared to last month's 98.8 and 99.2 anticipated. Expectations Index - indicating firms' projections for the next six months - came in at 92.9, down from previous month's 93.8 and missed expectations (95.0)

  • 09:00

    Germany: IFO - Expectations , January 92.9 (forecast 95)

  • 09:00

    Germany: IFO - Current Assessment , January 99.1 (forecast 99.2)

  • 09:00

    Germany: IFO - Business Climate, January 95.9 (forecast 97)

  • 08:41

    U.S. treasury yields move lower as coronavirus fears escalate

    CNBC reports that U.S. government debt prices were higher Monday, with investors increasingly concerned about the economic impact of the fast-spreading coronavirus

    The benchmark 10-year Treasury note, which moves inversely to price, was lower at around 1.6530%, while the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond was also lower at around 2.106%.

    Chinese officials confirmed Sunday that there had been more than 2,700 confirmed cases of the deadly pneumonia-like virus, including 461 people in a critical condition as the death toll rose to 80.

    The virus, which started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, comes from a large family of coronaviruses, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO has said that while the virus - which is spreading via human-to-human contact - is "an emergency in China," it has not yet become a global health emergency.

  • 08:20

    EUR/GBP: a visit to 0.8239 emerges on the horizon – Commerzbank

    FXStreet reports that in opinion of Karen Jones, Team Head FICC Technical Analysis at Commerzbank, the European cross remains under pressure and further downside could re-visit the 0.8240 region.

    "EUR/GBP has held the initial test of the 61.8% retracement at .8380. The market remains under pressure having recently failed at the .8610 resistance. The failure of the .8453 support last week suggests that it is capable of retesting the .8239 December low. This together with the 55 quarter moving average at .8226 represents key support. The intraday Elliott wave count is negative, but we would allow for a small rally to .8490."

    "Below .8226 remain the June and October 2012 highs as well as the April 2016 high and the January and February 2014 lows at .8167/18."

  • 08:00

    New York overtakes London as the world's largest financial center - Duff & Phelps survey

    London has lost its position as the world's main financial center to new York in part to uncertainty over Brexit, according to a survey by consultants Duff & Phelps published on Monday.

    A survey of 245 senior officials from asset management, banking and other financial companies from around the world found that 56% of respondents consider new York the most important money center in the world, an increase of 33 percentage points over the past two years. Only 33% now consider London to be the world's top financial center, down more than 20 percentage points over the past two years.

    The survey showed that both new York and London will lose ground in the next five years, while new centers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai are expected to see the largest growth.

    The survey showed that only 22% predict that in five years, London will remain the largest financial center. Few respondents see Paris, Frankfurt, or any other European city coming close to replacing new York or London.

  • 07:40

    German IFO, headlines regarding corona virus amongst market movers today – Danske

    FXStreet reports that according to analysts at Danske Bank, markets will continue to pay close attention to headlines regarding the spreading of the corona virus. Meanwhile, the global calendar is light today with the only scheduled release of the German IFO index for January.

    "As the Chinese New Year has kicked off, markets will continue to pay close attention to headlines regarding the spreading of the corona virus. Later this week Chinese PMI figures (Friday) will be closely watched for any potential negative impact already showing up in service sector activity."

    "We start the week in a quiet manner on the data front with the German IFO index for January released today. In light of a further rebound in the ZEW and PMI numbers last week, we expect IFO to chime in with the signal that the gloomy skies over Germany's manufacturing sector are brightening."

    "Later this week, we look forward to the FOMC (Wednesday) and Bank of England (Thursday) meetings and European inflation figures (Friday)."

  • 07:20

    Asian session review: the yen rose sharply, the yuan fell to its lowest level since the beginning of the year

    During today's Asian trading, the yen is rising against the dollar and the euro in the face of increased demand for safe haven assets due to concerns about a new type of coronavirus that causes pneumonia, which was detected in China. The offshore yuan has fallen to its lowest level in the last 4 weeks.

    Chinese President XI Jinping said on Saturday that the rate of spread of the dangerous coronavirus in China is accelerating. "We are faced with a difficult situation, as the spread of the new coronavirus is accelerating," he was quoted as saying by official Chinese media.

    According to official data, the number of people infected with pneumonia, the causative agent of which was previously unknown coronavirus, exceeded 2700 people, while 80 cases of death have already been registered. On Sunday, the Chinese authorities admitted that the epidemic has not yet been brought under control, despite restrictions on leaving a number of cities in the country.

    About 5 million residents left the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the new coronavirus, before authorities isolated it due to the threat of spreading the disease, the South China Morning Post reported, citing the city's mayor, Zhou Xianwang.

    The Chinese authorities extended the official weekend on the occasion of the Lunar new year celebration for 3 days in order to "reduce mass gatherings of people" and "prevent the spread of the epidemic".

    In addition to China, cases have been identified in Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Malaysia, France, Vietnam, and Nepal.

  • 07:01

    GBP/USD faces a potential move to sub-1.2900 levels – Commerzbank

    FXStreet reports that Karen Jones, Team Head FICC Technical Analysis Research at Commerzbank, suggested that in light of the recent price action, Cable could attempt a test of the area below the 1.2900 mark.

    "GBP/USD charted an outside day to the downside on Friday and it is possible that it will react back to its 1.2893 uptrend and while this holds we will assume that there is scope for a deeper recovery to the 1.3285 Fibonacci retracement."

    "The market should remain underpinned by the 1.2893 uptrend and the December low at 1.2908. Failure here would put the 200 day moving average at 1.2690 back on the plate."

  • 06:32

    Options levels on monday, January 27, 2020


    Resistance levels (open interest**, contracts)

    $1.1204 (3218)

    $1.1159 (2367)

    $1.1120 (1304)

    Price at time of writing this review: $1.1028

    Support levels (open interest**, contracts):

    $1.0987 (1848)

    $1.0945 (930)

    $1.0898 (684)


    - Overall open interest on the CALL options and PUT options with the expiration date February, 7 is 56319 contracts (according to data from January, 24) with the maximum number of contracts with strike price $1,1350 (4631);


    Resistance levels (open interest**, contracts)

    $1.3233 (1269)

    $1.3198 (1000)

    $1.3169 (1764)

    Price at time of writing this review: $1.3063

    Support levels (open interest**, contracts):

    $1.3031 (2657)

    $1.3003 (1201)

    $1.2970 (3251)


    - Overall open interest on the CALL options with the expiration date February, 7 is 24611 contracts, with the maximum number of contracts with strike price $1,3600 (3935);

    - Overall open interest on the PUT options with the expiration date February, 7 is 21817 contracts, with the maximum number of contracts with strike price $1,3000 (3251);

    - The ratio of PUT/CALL was 0.89 versus 0.88 from the previous trading day according to data from January, 24

    * - The Chicago Mercantile Exchange bulletin (CME) is used for the calculation.

    ** - Open interest takes into account the total number of option contracts that are open at the moment.

  • 02:30

    Commodities. Daily history for Friday, January 24, 2020

    Raw materials Closed Change, %
    Brent 60.75 -2.13
    WTI 54.31 -2.32
    Silver 18.08 1.69
    Gold 1570.799 0.53
    Palladium 2414.89 -1.77
  • 00:30

    Stocks. Daily history for Friday, January 24, 2020

    Index Change, points Closed Change, %
    NIKKEI 225 31.74 23827.18 0.13
    Hang Seng 40.52 27949.64 0.15
    ASX 200 2.5 7090.5 0.04
    FTSE 100 78.31 7585.98 1.04
    DAX 188.26 13576.68 1.41
    CAC 40 52.47 6024.26 0.88
    Dow Jones -170.36 28989.73 -0.58
    S&P 500 -30.07 3295.47 -0.9
    NASDAQ Composite -87.57 9314.91 -0.93
  • 00:15

    Currencies. Daily history for Friday, January 24, 2020

    Pare Closed Change, %
    AUDUSD 0.68251 -0.31
    EURJPY 120.487 -0.46
    EURUSD 1.1025 -0.28
    GBPJPY 142.836 -0.59
    GBPUSD 1.30705 -0.41
    NZDUSD 0.66078 -0.14
    USDCAD 1.31467 0.16
    USDCHF 0.97095 0.21
    USDJPY 109.278 -0.18
27 janeiro 2020
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