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7 dicembre 2021 15:08

Mark Goichmann

Palladium is not just a risky asset that is closely following the negative and positive news, but it is also an industrial metal that is widely used in the automobile industry to produce catalysers for combustion engines. While the industry has been suffering in recent months due to decreases in the demand and supply chain disruption, palladium output went up by more than 500,000 ounces this year alone as production recovered in South America. This forced palladium prices to drop from their peak at $3000 per ounce in May to $1700 in November.
3 dicembre 2021 10:02

Mark Goichmann

The Australian economy is looking stronger according to October data released this week. Exports in October declined by 3% month-on-month compared to 6% in the previous month despite continuous tension with China, while retail sales were up by 4.9% against 1.3% in September. It seems that the Australian economy is compensating for some export losses from China with growing domestic demand. This is confirmed by rising Q3 GDP that was up by 3.9% against 3% expected by analysts. Such developments may attract elevated interest to the AUDUSD.
24 novembre 2021 08:59

Mark Goichmann

This week has started out unexpectedly dramatic for gold prices as they plunged by 3.1% to $1795 per troy ounce from $1850. This was strongly correlated with the rise of the U.S. Dollar amid expectations of faster tapering of the bond purchases program from the Federal Reserve (Fed) after Jerome Powell was reappointed for a second term by U.S. President Joe Biden. Mr. Powell, who was appointed as the Fed’s watchdog by Donald Trump, is set to hold this position until  January as   his renomination for the second term seemed not to be certain.
19 novembre 2021 09:12

Mark Goichmann

The Turkish Lira has performed a record weakening after the central bank of Turkey cut its one-week repo rate to 15% from 16%. USDTRY immediately soared to an all-time high above the 11.00 level. The Central bank’s decision might seem to be astonishing, but it is in line with the seemingly obvious moves that have been made amid pressure from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Turkey is experiencing enormously high inflation which is around 20%.
29 ottobre 2021 07:53

Mark Goichmann

The Q3 daunting GDP figures in the United States managed to cause the Dollar to slump as the American economy added just 2%. This is compared to the expected 2.7% and the amazing 6.7% in the Q2, 2021. This is quite a disappointing slowdown that poses risks to the economic recovery of the largest economy in the world. It is significant to point out that  these figures were released just ahead of the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) meeting on November 2-3, that should decide on the gradual tapering schedule. Such fears of the slowing down of the U.S.
19 ottobre 2021 15:14

Mark Goichmann

Cooper, an industrial metal of high-demand, is receiving multiple upside signals. The metal rose by 11% from $9400 to $10,400 per ton on the London Metals Exchange on October 13-19. Also, an important $10,000 resistance was easily broken as the trend is currently pointing towards $10,800 per ton. There are many reasons for this rally. The demand rose dramatically as global economies are recovering. But the supply is struggling as fuel prices peaked to record highs, pushing energy prices above all expectations.
13 ottobre 2021 15:06

Lysakov Sergey

The second half of October on Wall Street began with a moderate decline in average stock prices, but the S&P 500 broad market index was kept within the same range mostly above the 4,270-4,300 support area. Inflation worries were noticeable ahead of a fresh U.S. consumer price index (CPI) which will be released today, although it has already become clear that the Federal Reserve (Fed) has a tendency to focus more attention on job targets and has a more "wait and see" kind of approach when it comes to growing inflation.
8 ottobre 2021 10:25

Mark Goichmann

Gold has been acting more like an alternative to the Dollar rather than a safe haven asset this year, and now it is acting more like risky assets. Such a transformation is due to the unprecedented stimulus package from the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed). The fact that there is more money in the market at a time when interest rates are low, creates a situation in which gold prices are being pushed up as part of this money is being used to buy gold assets. While gold is acting more like a risky asset, the U.S. Dollar may be seen to be acting like a safe haven asset.
7 ottobre 2021 08:26

Giancarlo Della Pietà

Agenda macro di oggi 07 Ottobre 2021 L'agenda macro di oggi prevede tra i dati le vendite al dettaglio in Italia, che daranno uno spaccato sull'andamento dei consumi interni, la bilancia commerciale in Francia e le richieste settimanali di sussidi alla disoccupazione negli Stati Uniti, che saranno un anticipo dei dati sul lavoro americano in uscita domani. In programma i discorsi di Holzmann, Lane, Schnabel (Bce), Mester (Fed) e Kuroda (BoJ). Sempre in tema di banche centrali, oggi la Bce pubblicherà i verbali della riunione di politica monetaria di settembre.
6 ottobre 2021 14:02

Lysakov Sergey

In the middle of the business week, the markets have still failed to form any stable trend. Judging the overall situation on a conventional base of weighted average instruments, such as the S&P 500 or the Euro Stoxx 50 indices, the several hours of steady rebound when the market community was trying to buy fresh dips, which were formed yesterday, were followed by a new day of sales again, and vice versa.
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