Acuity and SignalCentre

Unlock Your Full Trading Potential


Unlock Your Full Trading Potential with AI-Based Tools from SignalCentre and Acuity

Welcome to TeleTrade Europe, where we provide our clients with up-to-date trade ideas and news flow analysis from SignalCentre by Acuity. As a trusted partner, SignalCentre offers expert technical analysis and investment decision tools, combining the power of human expertise with sophisticated AI technology.

SignalCentre harnesses the power of AI technology to unlock valuable market insights from global news content. Their AI technology aggregates, analyses, and visualizes real-time news data, detecting patterns and correlations that are not easily visible to human traders. By leveraging these insights, you can discover alternative trading ideas and stay ahead of the game.

With a new generation of traders joining the market, providing professional, trusted market research and trade signals is crucial. SignalCentre is an FCA-regulated firm that ensures compliance and delivers a sense of achievement quickly.

Let's explore the benefits of integrating SignalCentre and Acuity into your trading experience.

Save Time and Cut Through the Noise

In today's fast-paced trading environment, it can be challenging to filter out the noise and identify profitable opportunities. SignalCentre is here to help. With their AI-driven trading tools, you'll receive daily trading ideas and analysis directly delivered to your trading platform. This saves you hours of research, providing you with entry levels, stop loss levels, and target levels across a wide range of assets, including indices, stocks, currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

The detailed analysis, presented in concise bullet points and highlights, allows you to quickly grasp key information and make informed decisions, enhancing your trading strategies.

Act Quickly

Timing is crucial in trading, and SignalCentre ensures you don't miss out on unique trade ideas. Their team of experts and market professionals generate daily trading recommendations, including buy and sell recommendations, entry levels, target levels, and stop loss levels. By receiving this information promptly, you can take immediate action based on your trading preferences.

Take Control of Your Trading

SignalCentre understands that every trader has unique needs. That's why they offer personalization options for their trade ideas. You can filter trade ideas by asset class, analysts' confidence, and language, ensuring you receive trade ideas that align with your trading style and preferences. This customization puts you in control of your trading decisions.

News Analytics: Understanding the Market and Making Informed Decisions

News analytics is a powerful tool for investors. By analysing news content, Signal Centre’s AI technology provides insights into the current mood and sentiment of the market. This information helps predict market behaviour and associated price movements. The technology uncovers granular opinions, spots trends more easily, and analyses disparate data sets, combating information overload.

News Sentiment: A Powerful Asset for Trading

News sentiment data is a valuable asset for traders. It can be used independently to generate trading ideas or combined with technical or fundamental analysis as a confirmation tool. News sentiment data quickly identify changes in market mood, aiding in predicting market behaviour and price movement.

Calendar Data: Insights for Event-Based Trading

Traditional calendar data provides leading and lagging indicators that highlight opportunities and risks. When combined with alternative data sets, it delivers superior insights, helping traders navigate volatile times and capitalize on news events. SignalCentre offers an AI-powered Economic Calendar developed by Acuity, a trusted partner. This calendar converts volatility from global economic events into trading opportunities. Featuring unique insights, advanced filtering capabilities, and an intuitive display, our Economic Calendar helps drive trading activity for traders of all experience levels. It covers economic events from over 100 countries and includes policy decisions and more.

By partnering with SignalCentre and Acuity, TeleTrade Europe provides you with cutting-edge AI-based tools and comprehensive market insights. Together, we ensure compliance and offer you trusted market research and trade signals. Join TeleTrade Europe today and unlock your full trading potential with SignalCentre and Acuity.

How to Use the Research Portal on Your MT4/MT5 Platform

Follow these three steps:

Download the MT4/MT5 Plugin by clicking the provided link.

Run the installer and set your preferences in the 'Settings' section.

After installing the EA, restart your MT4/MT5 platform. You'll find the TeleTrade SignalCentre EA listed under the "Expert Advisors" section.


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