Market Overview

3 June 2020 11:38

Frederico Aragao Morais

Yesterday the market sentiment was once again an appetite for risk. The justification for such an increase in gains in European exchanges maybe the fact that the German government is working towards the creation of a new package of economic stimuli, valued between 50 and 100 billion Euros. American stock exchanges appreciated and, in particular, the Dow Jones index grew by 1.05 % while the S&P500 index rose by 0.99 % and Nasdaq index appreciated by 1.19%.
2 June 2020 11:33

Frederico Aragao Morais

Yesterday was marked by a day of risk appetite. A private indicator of China's industrial activity rose to a four-month high in May, driven by an increase in production at a time when more factories have reopened. The US equity markets the Dow Jones index climbed up by 0.36%, the S & P500 index rose by 0, 38 % and technological Nasdaq increased by 0.66%. In Europe, its main reference index, Stoxx 600, rose by 1.1 %. In the debt market, yields rose in both the United States and Europe, revealing a departure from this market.
1 June 2020 11:30

Frederico Aragao Morais

On Friday, the market sentiment was one of risk aversion as focus was on US President Donald Trump 's press conference on China, as fears increased over a new stalemate between the world's two largest economies. In the US equity market, a drop was observed in major stock exchanges with the Dow Jones index falling by 0.07%, the S&P500 index rose by 0.48% and the Nasdaq went up by 1.29%. On the other hand, the European benchmark - Stoxx 600 - fell by 1,44% on Friday.
28 May 2020 12:29

Frederico Aragao Morais

Yesterday the market sentiment was one of risk appetite. Investors are excited about the progress of lowering social containment measures in several European economies in the world and this is motivating the current market sentiment. The American equity markets appreciated, where the Dow Jones index grew by 2.21%, the S&P 500 index appreciated by 1.48 % and the Nasdaq index by 0.7 %. Already the Stoxx 600 - European benchmark - won 0.24%.
27 May 2020 12:28

Frederico Aragao Morais

Yesterday's market sentiment was one of risk appetite. The main European markets appreciated during the opening of the second session of this week, with investors excited about the reopening of economies and with the stabilisation of the number of new infected cases of covid-19. On the European side, it was possible to observe that the Stoxx 600 index rose by 1,08 % while on the US side, the Dow Jones index increased by 2,17% , the S&P 500 index rose by 1,23%, and the Nasdaq index also closed in green with 0,17%.
26 May 2020 12:22

Frederico Aragao Morais

Yesterday saw an appetite for risk and was marked by the reopening of economies and the stabilisation of the number of new ones infected with covid-19. The American stock exchanges were closed due to Memorial Day. British markets were also closed due to the Spring Bank. In the Eurozone, its benchmark index - Stoxx 600 - closed in green with another 1.47 %. In the debt market, yields ended up falling, returning these assets to investors' radar. In the foreign exchange market, the American currency had a relatively mixed behavior during yesterday.
25 May 2020 12:18

Frederico Aragao Morais

Friday was marked by a relatively mixed market sentiment. China offered to threaten retaliation against the United States for the Senate's decision to pass a law that could harm Chinese listed companies trading in North American territory. In Europe, its benchmark - Stoxx 600 - depreciated by 0, 03 %. In the United States, the Dow Jones index fell by 0.04 % while the S&P 500 index appreciated by 0.24 % and the technological Nasdaq index rose by 0.43 %.
22 May 2020 11:59

Frederico Aragao Morais

Yesterday was marked by an increase in tensions between the United States and China. Chinese companies may be forced to exit US stock exchanges, according to legislation passed by the U.S. Senate on Wednesday. In particular, the US S & P 500 index fell to 0, 75 % while the Dow Jones index appreciated by 0, 41 % and the NASDAQ index lost 0, 97 %. In Europe, its benchmark - Stoxx 600 - fell by 0.75 %. In the debt market, the day was mixed where a clear trajectory was not possible to observe.
21 May 2020 13:36

Frederico Aragao Morais

Yesterday was marked by a feeling of appetite for risk. Although experts curbed optimism about Moderna's vaccine for the new coronavirus, Donald Trump's statements in which he reveals optimism about an economic recovery in a V-shape ended up leading to a growth in stock exchanges. The American stock exchanges appreciated and, in particular, the Dow Jones index grew by 1.52 % while the S & P500 index rose by 1.67 % and Nasdaq index increased by 2.64 %.
21 May 2020 11:51

Frederico Aragao Morais

O dia de ontem ficou marcado por sentimento de apetite pelo risco. Apesar de especialistas terem travado o otimismo em relação à vacina da Moderna para o novo coronavírus, as declarações de Donald Trump em que revela otimismo de uma recuperação económica em V acabaram por levar a um crescimento das bolsas acionistas. As bolsas acionistas americanas valorizaram e, em particular, o Dow Jones cresceu 1.52% enquanto o S&P500 subiu 1.67% e o Nasdaq valorizou 2.64%. Relativamente à Zona Euro, o seu índice de referência – Stoxx 600 – subiu 0.98%.
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