Trading Conditions for MetaTrader 4

TeleTrade MetaTrader 4 is the most popular cutting edge technology online trading platform designed for our clients to trade in Forex, CFD and Futures markets.

Platform Benefits:

  • Popular & Powerful Platform – by far the preferred online trading platform
  • MT4 Growing Worldwide Community
  • Familiarity – most familiar platform among users
  • Stability – no downtime
  • Automated Trading
  • Minimum Trading lot: 1
  • SyncTrading Platform


We recommend that you read our Risk Disclosure before you start trading.

Standard Execution

General Trading Conditions:

  • Fixed spread
  • 4/2 figures after decimal point
  • Pending Order Levels
  • Freeze Level
  • Standard Execution:
    • Execution price guaranteed (excluding news releases)
    • Requotes
    • Execution time can be longer in periods of 'high volatility or low liquidity'

Price Formation:

This type of price formation requires the company's resources for clearing operations (management of total client position), that is why in periods of high volatility or low liquidity it can take some time to process client trades.

NDD Execution

General Trading Conditions:

  • Floating spread (narrow most of the time, and can be wide when news are released)
  • 5/3 figures after decimal point
  • Commission for operation execution
  • No or minimal Pending Order Level
  • No or minimal Freeze Level
  • NDD Execution:
    • Execution price not guaranteed
    • No requotes
    • Fast execution regardless of the market situation

Price Formation:

Processing of client orders is carried out automatically at the best prices available on the market at the given moment of execution.


Attention! A swap, being a fixed size, is deposited (or subtracted) for an overnight position.

For all financial instruments, on Wednesday night, a swap is calculated at triple rate. For trades left opened from Friday to Monday, the normal single swap applies.

If you have any questions related to TeleTrade Trading Conditions, please contact

Forex Trading Conditions by TeleTrade

TeleTrade has provided all the conditions for successful trading in the Forex market in any form convenient to you. By favouring the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, we consider a variety of objective advantages:

  • The program has been developed and is being constantly updated, taking into consideration the needs of traders with any level of competence;
  • When developing new versions, all modern trends and distinctive aspects of the Forex market are taken into account. It is possible to trade in the terminal both from your computer and mobile device.

The terminals adapted for mobile operating systems include:

  • Trading sessions on a demo account;
  • The interface of the mobile platform adapted for the quickest possible and most convenient execution of all types of trading operations;
  • The possibility to trade directly from the chart;
  • Traders' unlimited access to their trading history;
  • Real-time quotations of financial instruments;
  • The opportunity to use the full range of trading orders, including pending orders.

Cooperating with TeleTrade is not only an opportunity to use the most convenient and reliable Forex trading terminal. Our conditions are ideal for gaining a profit and minimizing risks. Enjoy the following advantages while cooperating with our company:

  • Orders are executed with a maximum high speed;
  • The number of requotes is minimized and feedback is practically instant;
  • We provide 24-hour support to customers 24/5;
  • No commission fees required;
  • We do not promise what is impossible: you receive true-to-life trading conditions about the Forex market;
  • We favour conservatism and informed decisions;
  • We have over 200 offices in more than 30 countries. We are always open for direct contacts.