Forex Trading with TeleTrade

We aim to provide an optimum trading environment for our clients, whether you’re a complete beginner or a pro.

Professional tools and knowledge

Download your preferred choice of trading platform: MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.

You can then open a no-risk demo account to practise online Forex and CFD trading without commitment or start making money today by opening a real account online.

Clear and simple beginners′ guides, in-house seminars at our pan-European network of offices, and advanced technical analysis and expert commentary are all available for free to arm you with confidence and knowledge.

Our approach

Our philosophy is to be conservative and fair-minded. We don′t mislead clients by providing information about zero-spread trading or other unrealistic market conditions.

Open a real account

You can open a real account by clicking on the Client Login and undergoing all necessary steps. If you need help, please fill out this web form.

Open a real account

Trading Conditions

TeleTrade offers its clients two account types based on their trading strategy and trading style – a fixed spread account “Standard Execution” and a floating spread account “NDD Execution”.

Standard Execution

The main advantage of this account type is the fixed spread and the execution of orders at the client's price guaranteed, which enables our clients to manage trading more effectively: forecast profits with greater accuracy and calculate real expenses of executing operations, regardless of the market situation (even under conditions of high volatility or low market liquidity).

A fixed spread is the difference between the ask price and bid price of trading instruments.This spread size is fixed by TeleTrade, it does not depend on the transaction volume and term, and market volatility.

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NDD Execution

The key feature of this account type is the floating spread and high-speed execution of client orders at the market price. Client orders are processed at the best available price , which is a big advantage for trading when it is a quiet market with spreads being minimal. And when it is a high volatility market (for example, when significant macroeconomic news releases being published) spreads can widen considerably in the short term.

A floating spread is formed by the market and is variable during the day depending on market volatility and available liquidity.

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